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Sinusoid with fixed frequency

In RF systems, the input signal of a filter may contain a blocker, which is a sinusoidal component at a fixed frequency which is by far the strongest component of the input signal. Let the frequency of this component be ωa . The maximum input signal level of the filter is then

Vmax, in = $\displaystyle {\frac{{
\max_i \vert f_i(j\omega_{\rm a})\vert
}}}$. (22)
The maximum output signal level for sinusoidal signals is

$\displaystyle \overline{{V_{\hbox{max,out}}^2}}$ = | H(a)|2$\displaystyle {\frac{{V_{\hbox{max,in}}^2}}{{2}}}$ (23)
If the blocker has been sufficiently suppressed, it does not play a role in determining the maximum output signal level. In that case one of the other methods described above should be used to determine the maximum output signal level.

To use this assumption on the input signal, specify

	set: scale2 sfr;
and store the blocker frequency in the variable fr.